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Project Description
Windows.Toolbar is Silverlight library that implements common widgets that allows us to build a rich toolbar control in our applications, it incorporates: group panels, drop down buttons, pickers…

To check how it looks on a real project click here (Silver Diagram)

Features Implemented

Group Box: Allows us to group a set of related controls


Dropdown buttons: Apply default selection or click on arrow to choose new selected value.


Toggle Buttons: On / Off buttons, allows us to simulate the behaviour of a group of checkboxes or radio buttons.


Color Picker: Chosee a color from a given palette.


Line Width picker: Perfect to choose wichi line width apply to a given border.


Line Style picker: Allow us to choose from a range of line styles.


Font Familiy Combo Picker: Displays a list of font styles, each entry is written using the font style that it represents.


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